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A Dwarf

This website uses DWARF (Desktop Without Any Real Functionality). It was created in homage to a popular open-source desktop environment.

DWARF currently has many bugs (especially if you are not using Firefox) but I do plan to fix them

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Dwarf image From Anne's Place
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This is the home page of Jon Levell (my blog), it tends to be in a permanent state of construction as I use it as a testing ground for various things that I'm playing with.

Any views expressed anywhere in this site are entirely my own and resemblance to the views of my employer are purely coincidental.


In my spare time, I've been working on a website called WhenShallWe.com. An early version is now public but I plan to make incremental improvements to it.

WhenShallWe is designed to be useful if you're trying to arrange to meet a group of people but it's hard to pick a day because people are busy. The web site maintains a list of which people can make which days so that the organiser can easily see which day is best

witch on a broomstick
When shall we three meet again? (Image by Lakeside)